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Home of one of the fastest growing Lightning Network routing nodes.

Total Node Capacity: 842,093,076.00 sats (~8.42 BTC) in 42 channels
Sell Your Liquidity
Sell Your LiquidityGet 1150 ppm for your liquidity.
Sell Your LiquidityHow does it work?
Sell Your Liquidity* open channel to ipayblue LN node
* move liquidity to our side (ways to do it)
* request channel closure by pressing a link
* we keysend you 1150 ppm for your liquidity
* we close the channel
* start over
Sell Your LiquidityReady to Start?
Please login with your node first.

Swap LN to Onchain
Swap LN to OnchainKeep your Node's Channel Capacity.
Get Back your Funds Onchain.
Swap LN to Onchain* easy
* fast
* inexpensive
Swap LN to OnchainStart LN to Onchain Swap - Beta

Buy Channel from ipayblue
Buy Channel from ipayblueWant us to open a channel to your node?
Buy Channel from ipayblueSee our current offer at Magma.

Historical Fee Data
Historical Fee DataWant to see how the market prices liquidity over time?
Historical Fee DataAccess our historical fee data for every node.
Historical Fee DataSome popular nodes (login required to view chart and data):
- Avg. Incoming Fee - Avg. Outgoing Fee - LOOP
- Avg. Incoming Fee - Avg. Outgoing Fee - bfx-lnd0
- Avg. Incoming Fee - Avg. Outgoing Fee - nicehash-ln1
- Avg. Incoming Fee - Avg. Outgoing Fee - ACINQ
- Avg. Incoming Fee - Avg. Outgoing Fee - bfx-lnd1

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